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Union of Subordinate Suckoff Retards

my emotions are a tilt-o-whirl of DANGER

February 28th, 2007

Excuse me??!?!?! @ 12:20 am

I have a new one today. Some stupid ass customer actually called me a racist tonight! It is fucking hillarious! Heres what happened.

I do my greeting as usual, and I get this mexican lady who can speak english but extremely limited. Out of a 10 word sentence only 3 or 4 words would be english, or coherent for that matter. I can kind of feel the words out but nevertheless I couldnt fucking understand this woman. I asked her if she spoke english, she said yeah then she threw some spanish at me. So I told her that I didnt know spanish and that I would have to transfer her over to the spanish customer service center. She got pissed and said something about transfer and holding and all this crap. I told her that I couldn't help her unless she spoke english and explained the best I could that the spanish dept could help her, and she said "yes yes english *more spanish stuff*", so I basically had to repeat myself over and over again and she would protest and yell spanish at me. I told her that I was transferring her and if she would please hold, and then she said " bla bla bla you, you, RACIST?", my jaw fucking dropped. I said "Excuse me?", but then she just started yelling spanish at me and hung up. I couldn't fucking believe it. The only thing I could think of was that she couldn't understand that I didnt speak spanish, and so she just decided the reason why I didnt want to help her was because she was mexican. Stupid fucking people.

Thats not all. I had another call where I said my greeting"Thank you for calling TW cable my name is mike how may I help you?" and she demanded immediately that I talk to a supervisor. I told her that I could have my sup on the line after she gives me her telephone number, verifies the account, and states the issue, she said "No, I am not giving you anything, I want to speak to your supervisor now", I got jessie and told him what was going on, he said basically to do exactly what I just did, so I went back and said I cant get my sup until she verifies the acct and states the issue. Then she said she apparently had the cops recording the conversation, no shit, and that Id better get my supervisor now or the cops will trace the call and find me. I apologized and told her I would be happy to get my supervisor but she needed to do what I told her to do, then she said the cops now had my name and my location and they were coming for me and hung up.

This is what people in LA are like. They dont fucking listen, they dispute even the simplest of explanations, they will argue with you even when whatever action you are taking works in their favour. And last night and tonight it was back to back calls, I would have two seconds between arguing with the last customer and then having to deal with another arguing customer, over and over and over again, for five fucking hours.

I am fucking done with customer service.

February 26th, 2007

Looking back @ 10:27 pm

I guess the payless DC is closing. I found out about 2 weeks ago and they plan to be out by July 2008. The funny thing is that nobody really had any idea, or could believe it.

It has been officially 6 months since I jumped ship (and Feb 20th would have been my 6th year anniversary of working there), and its strange how things have changed in my life. I have always been a constant worrier, but before I was worried about having a shitty day at work, and the volume being too high, and what kind of crazies would gnaw on my neck. Now, its much different, I still worry, but now I worry about my grades and whatever I might be missing at home (which Brian assures nothing at all, bless him), and of course whether or not I am going to move back home for the summer or find a flat in Lawrence.

Me and Richard have been talking alot lately, about our respective tenures there. I guess looking back most of the daily bullshit and agony we both endured is something of an old chestnut now. The worst time we both had there was on weekend days (October '04 to April '07 for me), where we had to go to bed early friday night, not be able to sleep, then wake up at 4 am to get to work by 5am. Looking back, I wondered how the fuck we did it, or why we even fucking bothered. Knowing what I know now, I would have quit the first day me and richard went to that awful shift.

But yet again, I am glad I didn't. After I left weekends and went to weekdays receiving, that holds a close tie with weekend nights as the best time I had there. I met alot of really good people there, and learned alot about working and no matter how much it sucks, you can still come home and say you had a good day, and be ready to do it again the next day. I met Art Brennan on weekdays, and he has been one of the greatest friends since. He completely changed my whole outlook on that place, and life in general. This man has worked there since 1975, so he knows the bullshit through in and out, but he is the only person I know that goes everyday and no matter what, he can come home and say he had a good day. I had always dreamed about my last day at payless, and how I would be screaming through kosan "IM FREE!! FUCK YOU ALL!! YOU BATSHIT MUTHERFUCKERS CAN GO TO HELL!" But my actual last day there was just like any other day, then I left, with my mom and a bunch of people giving me hugs, and then I went home. I wasn't sad to leave payless, but I was sad to leave all the people I had got to know and cared about. If it wasn't for Art I would have alot more resentment towards that place, but honestly I barely resent it at all, despite the fact they are trying to sue me LOL.

But almost 6 years of my life was spent there, and at first I thought wasted. But I learned alot from that place. But dont get me wrong, I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER go back to how it was on weekend days. That was upmost one of the top 10 worst times in my life.

But anyway, the place is closing down. How do I feel? Honestly nothing. I feel bad for the people who depended on that job, but not too many people I know really did, so most of them are celebrating. I am happy that all my friends from weekend days are finally getting the fuck out of there. Something else that fucks me up is that incidentally throughout the day I will think I am only on vacation or LOA, and that I have to go back there. But then I realise that through amost 6 years of worrying and hating that place and hating myself for working there, its over. I never have to clock in, take points, or put another shoe in or out of a box again for the rest of my life *knock on wood*. Its a pretty weird feeling. Its hard to believe that place had that much of a hold on me too. I was 18 when I started, and now I am starting to feel like I am 18 again, like those years were just some strange dream or something, sort of like picking up where I left off.

Oh well, alls well that ends well I guess.

February 21st, 2007

Its been a long time. @ 10:48 pm

Okay I have realized that since october of last year I have been paying my full blogging attention to my myspace. Well I felt kind of bad and since I kind of ran out of things to say on that one, I decided to go back to this.

I really love this LJ, I put alot into it and it is still just as fresh to me as it was that cold November night in 2004 when I assembled it and put my first puke pic up. I have a couple of them on myspace, but hey, whatever.

The weather is getting really nice again, which is a mixed blessing in some ways. First off, I fucking HATE the cold, more than I ever have in my life now, so this warmth is nice in that respect. However, I woke up this morning and I haven't been so grouchy and displeased in a long time. Usually when the first warm days of the year hit, I get depressed for some reason, its been that way for years. So for a few days I am going to have to bear it.

Work is getting a little more manageable. We got the TW Los angeles market last monday, and it sucked ass for the first week. I have never heard so many bitching people in my life in the span of five hours.
Its been going OK this week, but tonight was a bit of a dip. There are many different issues you have to deal with, the easiest ones are "I would like to make a payment", and "Could you please tell me how much I owe?". Then there are the hard ones "Okay, I just got my bill and you guys are charging me too much, I want you to give me a credit", "I just got my bill, and I dont understand it, what is a deliquency?", and I seemed to get the latter pretty much every fucking call. Either of those questions have an easy answer, they missed a payment. It is that way with EVERY customer that has called and complained about their bill being to high, they missed a payment and they have a deliquent charge. I have to go over their rather lengthy monthly charges about 15 times (which they still dont get it), plus then they want to know how much they NORMALLY pay, so then I have to go to their monthly services screen and go over it with them 15 times (and they STILL dont get that either).
Then after all this they tell me "Well if I am supposed to be paying that much, why do I owe this much?", then I go over with them the fact they missed a payment and they have a deliquency charge and they have to at least pay the deliquency or their services will be shut off (which takes about 15 times as well). This is where they say either they made the payment (and it didnt show up) or they dont think that is fair and they wont pay. Either way I either end up telling them to call their bank if they said they made the payment, or they want to talk to my supervisor (which I gladly give the headset to the awesome Jessie), or they threaten to take legal action, or they call me a bunch of rather horrible names and hang up. Today I think the whole town of LA was in a bad mood, because every call I got was "YOU ARE A THIEF FUCK YOU AND YOUR GOD DAMNED COMPANY" or something along these lines. Each of these calls last about 15 to 20 minutes.

Its wednesday now. Which means I have one more night of work, then I return home friday night. I go to hang out with my dad, which is great, but I dread going back. Even though the weather is getting warmer, I am pretty sure the atmosphere at home will still be frigid. Whenever I come home I feel there is some wonderful joke or secret that I wont be let in on, which isn't very fair nor deserving. But regardless I do my best to put on a happy face and enjoy whatever bit remaining "normalcy" that hasn't been ripped out.

Other than that life is going pretty well. I helped my friend Art with his resume, I did some re-formatting and some re-working of his information to make it look awesome. My first round of tests were A, B, B, which is awesome. Somebody finally came and VISITED me in Lawrence, which is rare since not even my own family will (except my dad, my sister and brian are just lazy which I cant hold against them)

But now its time for bed. Thank you my lovely LJ for still being here for me, no pun intended.

November 10th, 2006

Ever feel like you are tearing your own heart out? @ 12:04 am

I am so glad its almost friday *knock on wood*. This week has been nothing but studying, and studying, and studying till I cant study anymore and then STILL studying. I have had tests up the ass, quizzes, reading assignments, everything under the fucking sun! By last night I felt like a man still trying to walk after he has had both his legs shot off. Cute, lurid little dots have been gracing my vision ever since wednesday, plus whenever I close my eyes I see printed word everywhere. I haven't studied this much in my life, now watch as my teachers give me Cs for everything. Jesus christ!

Today in German class I decided not to answer any questions my teacher asks. I am convinced that she only does it to embarras me, because strangely enough, no matter how certain I am that my response to her stupid questions in german are good, she ALWAYS finds something wrong! ALWAYS! Something else that pisses me off is that she doesn't mind or correct when any other student mispronounces something (ex. ich is pronounced like ech with a kind-of-silent c, where students pronounce it like ik or ick), but if I am slightly off, she makes a big fucking deal about it. So when she asked me a question today, I just played dumb. Fuck it, she can shove the whole German language up her scrawny ass for all I care. Apparently one of the last things we do in the class is have an 8 minute conversation with our teacher, IN GERMAN!! I cant wait for this shit, she is probably going to give the rest of the class the easy way (saying things like, Hello how are you? Did you enjoy german class? What was your favourite part?), then Ill probably get broadsided with "Do you like Shakespeare? Well then, recite to me the whole second act of Romeo and Juliet, AUF DEUTCH!" I hate her, I hate her so much my face hates her too.

So me and this cool guy in my German class met up on mass st because our fucking uppity bitch-boner of a teacher decided that we should have partners to practice conversational German with, and we needed to practice. We did some conversation, but it was mainly general bullshit, and it was FUCKING NICE! This guy can go on and on about ANYTHING, it was good to sit and listen to random BS for once. After all this nightmarish studying and loathing my german teacher (and about 90% of my class mates in it), it was nice to just sit and be stupid for a while. Plus getting out into the city was a blessing.

Now I just cant WAIT to find out what kind of bullshit and punishment awaits for the weekend. YIPPIE!

October 26th, 2006

(no subject) @ 07:04 pm

LOL!! A picture is worth a thousand words, or laughs.

Yours Truly

PS, this was totally accidental!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Taken from the University Daily Kansan

October 22nd, 2006

To James and Jessica, plus other stuff. @ 01:02 am

Your wedding was beautiful. I feel privileged to be a part of it. Everyday I am greatful to have friends like you. I hope your lives together is as wonderful as the time I have known and spent with you both, which is wonderful. I wish nothing but the best for you both, and in german, I would say ALLES GUTE! ICH GRATULIEREN SIE BEIDE!

I think I am gonna sleep in this suit tonight. I have never worn a zoot suit before, and I think I was born to wear it! I fucking love it too much. When I get a job and get enough money, I am going to buy it. Seriously. I look snazzy with the jacket, but without it, I just want to go up to people and say "Im sorry, there is no seating on the lower tier, would you like a seat in the balcony?" LOL. I dont know if I am either a 1930's gangster, an usher at a movie theater, or a waiter at showbiz pizza. Es ist ausgezeichnet!

October 19th, 2006

(no subject) @ 09:54 pm

Mein Gehirn ist auf den Mädchen. Sie lebe für Gehirne und Chocolade. Meine Mädchen ist gestorben. Ohne Mädchen ich gehe zu das Bad gern, und ich spreche Englisch mit den Papierkorb. Meine Freundin heißt Gehirne, und sie ist gestorben, ja?

Nein, nein! Es tut mir leid, das ist falsch! Sie ißt gern Kuh, und sie schläft mit meinem Papierkorb. Mein Papierkorb ist nicht ausgetyeichnet, aber mein Haar ist Ganz Toll! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburstag, Hanz! Ich möchte auf ihrem Gesicht wandern!

Die Frau ist fett. Ich möchte sie essen! Was machst du? Nein, Sie besuchen nicht den Hund! Ich verband den Hund, und sie ist VIEL SPAß!! Ich gratuliere meine Schwester, sie ist dumm! Mein Geburstag ist fünfmal pro Jahr! Jeder Party! ALLES GUTE!! ALLES GUTE!! MEIN GEHIRN IST GROß ABER MEIN KOPF IST SEHR KLEIN!!DU NICHT TANZEN OHNE DAS TOTE MÄDCHEN!! LA LA LA LA!! ICH BIN NICHT GETRUNKEN! ICH BIN DAS TOTE MÄDCHEN! ICH MÖCHTE ZU ESSEN HEILIGE ABEND! WANN HAST DU PERIODE? ICH MÖCHTE MIT DEM TOTEN MÄDCHEN TANZEN!! DAS IST FATAL!!

alles klar?

October 5th, 2006

My residence hall is a tilt-o-whirl of emo. @ 01:44 am

I guess October must be "the real world" month at McCollum, because it seems like some sort of drama is happening here every day. I get back tonight, and a guy is clutching his girl on one of the benches, and the girl is semi-crying and accusing this guy of doing all this shit. She sounds pretty crazy, her voice is more like a determined barking, "I cant believe you would say that to my friend. She never did anything to you. You hate my friends.", and the guy just trying to be patient "I didn't mean it like that, she was joking with me first". I swear this place gets crazier by the month.

My roommate's girlfriend apparently broke up with him two weeks ago. Her reasons being "I just want to try and see other people, but we can still be friends". He's been in quite a dismal state, he hasn't been going to class. All he does is sit in front of his computer and look at his ex girlfriend's facebook page. Its too bad he isn't 21, I would totally take him bar-hopping. But nevertheless, I am trying to stay sort-of out of his face. He most likely isnt the "Wanna talk about it?" type. But I did let him know that Ive been through that (apparently this chick was his first), and that it usually works out for the best, unless they get back together.

I saw that one cow that was bothering me in the library today. She handed me another flyer for the big fasting thing in front of Wescoe. Luckily we were standing next to the trash can, she witnessed the whole process of me crumpling the flyer, raising my arm slightly over the trash can, and dropping the tainted paper in. She just went "allright! *giggles*". I already have a flyer for the same thing, some dude gave it to me last week, which I kept. I didn't need hers, not to mention the fact it isnt good to take things from a gabbing succubus, so it worked out for the best.

I was trying to find something to get a tattoo of, something that would have meaning to me. I decided to forgo that and I designed something myself. I really like what I drew, but I need to get it onto REAL paper with marker. I cant draw worth a DAMN using ordinary notebook paper and no2 pencil. It seems to work great, because nothing can have more meaning that something you did yourself. Kind of like taking a shit, it is shit, but it is YOURS, thats gotta be special....maybe....fuck I dont know.

September 30th, 2006

Okay, a little help here someone. @ 01:09 am

Okay, I am about 80% sure that as soon as I get a job in Lawrence, I am getting my first tattoo. Next week I am gonna start making designs, and scoping the parlors to see how much it will cost.

The problem is, what I am gonna get. I am torn between three things. I am sure it will be on my shoulder blade, but I am either going to design a CFH, get the dragon face from the Orient Express logo (two things very close to my heart, CFH and OE), or an oni. This is what I need help with, I LOVE japanese and chinese art, and an oni is a mythical japanese demon, however, I cant find any good pics to use. Does anybody know where I can find some, so I can make variations?

This is like a life-long dream, and I want it to be awesome.

September 29th, 2006

A library is the best place for a whore to show off her stuff. @ 12:21 am

Okay, here I am, its 12:30 in the morning at the library. I am trying to type an essay due tomorrow in my German class, and this stupid fucking skank wont shut the fuck up about herself. Right now she is talking to somebody on her cell-phone, saying shit like "You just couldnt stand to not talk to me huh?" in a very seductive manner. Granted she is kinda hot, but some of the shit she is saying is pretty retarded, and distracting me to no end.

Here she is, this blob of unconscious gab, talking away to two other guys, saying how it is such a bother for her to be here because so many guys hit on her here, and she needs to find some place else to study. I WONT STOP HER!

She wont stop talking about herself. "Oh my god all these guys wont lay off me! Im not THAT HOT, GAAWWWD." Oh good, shes getting her jacket and leaving. No, wait, shes just putting on her jacket, and talking to that tumor attached to her head, no wait, thats a cell phone. What the fuck is wrong with the people that go here? I wish they would hurry up and hit 21, so they can go be gabby, self-absorbed, narcissistic morons on Mass St or wherever. OH THANK GOD SHE IS LEAVING!! "Oh my god! You cant go a couple of hours without talking to me, *giggle*." I am done with my essay, so I am gonna go back to the shithole I live in and go to bed. But before I do, I am going to pray. Let us pray.



And goodnight to you all.

Union of Subordinate Suckoff Retards

my emotions are a tilt-o-whirl of DANGER